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College Placement Agency for

High Level Athletes

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Why choose Sports Ambitions?
Sports Ambitions is a consulting agency serving elite level Canadian athletes who wish to continue their studies in the United States. We offer an all-inclusive service focused on obtaining athletic and academic scholarships. Athletes only need to focus on their sport and studies, as we take care of everything else!

We have placed more than 150 athletes in prestigious NCAA Division 1 and 2 colleges.



Gabriel Séguin


Former national team athlete and graduate of University at Albany, Gabriel dedicates his days to developing his relationships with coaches and finding opportunities for local athletes as well as business opportunities.


Yannick Rome-Gosselin


A former Impact Academy and Fairleigh Dickinson University athlete, Yannick dedicates his time to creating a strong connection with college coaches as well as supporting athletes and parents through the college process.

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Arielle Roy-Petticlerc

Operations Manager


We've placed over 175 athletes in more than 150 different universities. We are in contact with over 1200 college coaches in soccer, tennis, volleyball, hockey, gymnastics, basketball and track & field.

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Élisabeth Desmarais

Marquette University

"I started my process by myself and then decided to do 100% at Sports Ambitions and it was the best decision I made."

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Mélina Descary

Florida State University

"Sports Ambitions services were incredible! They managed to put me in touch with the best team in the country! Yannick and Gab took care of me throughout the process and they helped me make the right choices. I loved working with them, it was simple and efficient "

Nadège L'espérance

University of Louisville

"The best decision I made in my journey to find an American university that met my expectations was to accept the help of Sports Ambitions."



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