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Sofia Ruggiero commits at Lafayette College

We are extremely thrilled to announce that Sofia Ruggiero has committed to Lafayette College, an NCAA Division 1 school that has the reputation of being one of the best academic colleges in the US.

"Sports Ambitions was a great mentor throughout my whole process in the aim of finding the right university for me. My process was made quite easy for me due to their help, as I quickly found the right university in the process. I’ve chosen Lafayette College due to it’s excellent academics and because of their high level in soccer, not to mention their amazing alumni present in the school as well. All in all, I’ve had a great experience with Sports Ambitions, as they made my dream of attending a great university come true. A major thank you goes out to them."

Why did you choose Lafayette College?

"Lafayette was my final choice due to its great academics and its holistic approach to education, as well as their family feeling present on campus. Lafayette is also division 1 in soccer, as my goal was to play at a high level. In addition, the location is ideal for me, considering it is one hour away from my favorite city, New York!"

Did you have other options?

"Yes, the process kicked off quickly as soon as the release of my video was done. In a window of about 3 months, I had the opportunity to speak and exchange with a large number of universities from the west coast to east coast."

How did Sports Ambitions help you throughout the process?

"They offered a great framework and structure which made it easy for me to go through the process. Additionally, they were always available to answer my questions and to always point me towards the right direction."

How was the college process in general for you?

"The process was easier than expected, despite the fact of the current pandemic. By the great help of Sport Ambitions, they have kept a significant professional profile throughout the whole process. Thank you Sports Ambitions!"


Congrats on your scholarship and hank you so much Sofia for trusting us for your recruiting process. We wish you the best of luck!


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