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Have you always dreamed of living the US experience: studying and playing in the NCAA?


If the answer is yes and you don't know how to approach this process, we're here to help! ⚽🎾🏐🏀


Our consultation service is a personalized program for each individual to help them achieve their goals, whether they are athletic or academic. In the form of a consultation session, we will establish a personalized plan for each student in addition to providing them with key resources to succeed in their process.


Over the past 9 years, we have helped over 100 athletes get scholarships in the United States at NCAA level. We have developed an expertise in the recruiting process and we have access to several resources to help students who wish to go through the same path.


FOR WHO?: Any athlete or student wishing to study in the United States and / or obtain an athletic or academic scholarship.


CONSULTATION / SUPPORT SERVICE: We ask students to complete the form below in order to prepare for the consultation via Zoom. We then make an appointment for 2 consultation sessions:


1) Analysis of the athlete's needs / preferences (30 mins)

2) Recommendations, help with resources and action plan (1 hour)


Following the needs analysis, Sports Ambitions experts will do extensive research to establish the best game plan for the student so that he can achieve his dream. The research is based on the desired field of study and how to get a scholarship.

PRICE: $ 450 + tx, which includes the 2 consultation sessions as well as the research to establish the recommendations. Subsequently, it will be possible to be accompanied through the different stages of the process (admission process, video service, etc.) at additional costs.


PROCEDURE: Complete the form below. Once submitted, we will get back to you by email with appointment dates.



• Global Process of University Scholarships in the US

• How to get into your program?

• Explanation of a scholarship (athletic vs academic)

• Divisions in the United States (NCAA Div 1, Div 2, NAIA)

• Explanation of the SAT / ACT and NCAA Eligibility Center

• Core Courses and how to be academically eligible

• How to approach a coach?

• Student Visa

• Insurance in the United States

• Room and Board

• Profile of athletes gets recruited and how to get noticed


Each student is unique and their process is different.

This is why we offer this personalized service to each individual's situation.

Tell us more about you
What type of student-athlete are you?
Did you or do you plan to take your Physics and/or Chemistry courses in Grade 11?
Have you been in contact with some NCAA or NAIA schools?
Do you have a recruiting video?
Do you video footage available?
Are you registered to the NCAA Eligibiliy Center?
Did you take the SAT or ACT?
Are you open to playing NCAA Division 2?
Are you open to playing NAIA?

Thank you! We will follow up with you by email.

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